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Recently, there has been talk of raising property taxes at Nevada Douglas County Lake Tahoe Due to the higher relative value of land. we know that Douglas County Lake Tahoe property tax rates are much lower than similar properties in California South Tahoe.  Typically about $3.00 per thousand of property value versus $12.50.

Just to see how much trouble we might expect, I took MLS sales (for the last three years) and plotted Property Taxes (those that were reported on the MLS) versus MLS reported Sales Price.  Using the Trendline curve fit capabilities of Excel, I arrived at the Following results:

Area                            Average Tax Rate $/1000 of Selling Price 

South Tahoe Nevada                  $2.87

Gardnerville                               $6.20

Minden                                      $5.75

There is a factor of about 2:1 between South Tahoe Nevada and other parts of Douglas County.  If those rates were brought into line, South Tahoe Nevada might expect as much as a 2:1 increase in taxes.  Together with such an increase, one should expect county services to rise to the levels present in other parts of the County.  Even if they do increase to 200% of today's values, Tahoe Douglas County  would still be less than half the rate of California Tahoe properties.

For those inclined to look at data, the plots together with least squares curve fitted trendlines are shown below: