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Real Estate Values

Many Things affect the value of your property.  These things are important to you whether you are a buyer, a seller, an agent/broker, or an owner trying to maintain the value of your home.  A simple listing of these items is available on the  Below page (click to see them).  Really High Quality Items are Listed at the Bottom.

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more important than a list of the items is the means to judge the value of the items.  We can judge the values of many items simply by considering the cost to add such an item or upgrade to the item. Other items are more difficult to judge, such as the value of a view, proximity to the lake, age of structures, convenience factors, etc.  Many of these factors are quantified ( a $$ value given) in the links below.  Of course, the ultimate determination of value is the market. Value Items listed on these links are based on personal experience of Robert Dickerson and on his interpretations of literature including :"Water Views and Res Property Values by Benson",, and NAHB Housing Facts,Figs,Trends 2004, with some Personal English  The information is for Lake Tahoe Properties, and should not be used directly for other areas because of differing construction costs and differing market influences. Click on Links in the link-bar to the left to See Property value Factors   Return to HomePage









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