Interesting Facts About Lake Tahoe

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Table of Contents     

  1. How Big is the Lake?    
  2. What is the Weather?
  3. What Recreation is Available?
  4. Who Lives at Lake Tahoe?
  5. Is Lake Tahoe Civilized?
  6. How Can I find Out More?
  7. Is Lake Tahoe a Nice Place to Live?


How Big is The Lake

Lake Tahoe is 22 miles in Length (mostly North-South) and 12 Miles in width.  It covers 191 square miles.  The consistently beautiful shoreline is 71 miles long with 42 of the 71 miles in California and 29 in Nevada..The maximum depth is an astounding 1,645 feet.  The average depth is 989 feet.  The Lake Tahoe watershed is 519 square miles.  The lake holds over 39 trillion gallons of water, enough to cover the entire state of California to a depth of 14 inches.  If the lake were drained it would take 700 years to re-fill by natural precipitation and run-off.  Evaporation from Lake Tahoe each day would supply the daily needs of the city of Los Angeles if it could be recovered.

Lake Tahoe is the second largest alpine lake in the western hemisphere.

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What is the Weather

Lake Tahoe has one of the world's most enjoyable climates.  It is as though the weather were programmed by a diety to fit most conveniently into the needs of we mortals utilizing the area.  In over 50 years of recorded weather history, 80% of the days have had sunshine. Dec/Jan/Feb provide 75% sunshiny days, June/July/August have 93%.  Any given year provides approximately 249 cloudless days and another 75 days when both sunshine and clouds are recorded.  The remaining 50 days provide the famous Sierra Snowpack making this area world renowned for snow skiing. In general, the weather is delightful and frequently changing giving residents and visitors a wonderful variety. The weather can change in a flash due to Lake Tahoe's location high in the Sierra Mountains.

There are areas at Lake Tahoe receiving more than their fair share of snow and other areas that receive much less and melt quickly.  Pick your style of living. In some areas you can turn your furnace off completely in April and not back on again until November. 

Surprisingly it is not difficult to grow fruit at this altitude, with apples and peaches able to reach full maturity at the end of summer.

The average annual rainfall in the Lake Tahoe Basin is 8.3 inches and the average annual snowfall is 216 inches (18 feet), for a total annual precipitation of 30 inches of rainfall equivalent.  The bountiful snow makes Lake Tahoe local ski areas such as Heavenly, Squaw Valley, Kirkwood and others a delight to skiers from around the world.


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What Recreation is Available

Water-sports abound in the summer and even the winter. Water-sports include water skiing, swimming, fishing, parasailing and more.  Hot Air Balloon rides and airplane rides are routinely available from the lake. Boat rentals are available from many-many locations.  Cruises with lunch or dinner are available aboard large paddle wheeler boats or sailboats. River rafting is available nearby Lake Tahoe.  Surface water temperatures vary from a high of 68F to a low of 41F.  You need to be hearty to swim in February, but even us regular people enjoy the water in summertime.

Spectacular fishing is available at Lake Tahoe. Either a California or Nevada fishing license is required.  Charter boats are available.

Biking and Hiking are always favorites.  Lakeshore bike paths can make bicycling a delightful experience.  The trails around the lake area are multitudinous, beautiful, and easily reached.  The Tahoe rim trail will walk you all the way around the lake.

Approximately one dozen areas are available for golfing. Click to Find Golf

Overnight and day camping is available at all times.  Either rough it or smooth it with full hookups at many locations.

Entertainment is always available. World class casinos, especially on the south-shore, will meet your every expectation.  You might see gamblers with $100,000 or more on the table just a few dozen paces from others playing penny slot machines.  Everything in between is available. There are six 24-hour casinos in the South Lake Tahoe area all together sporting more than 7000 slot machines and 400 game tables.

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Who Lives at Lake Tahoe

Everyone lives here, from the extremely wealthy to us everyday folk.  The combination of many jobs in the service and entertainment sectors to availability of multi-million dollar estates attracts a wide variety of people.  Lake Tahoe is heaven sent for the retirement oriented folks.   But, you never know who you might run into in the shops or restaurant, be it a celebrity, an icon of industry, or your gardener from back home.

Year- around population in the South Lake Tahoe area is approximately 34,000 people.  We have the same per-capita population as downtown New York City.

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Is Lake Tahoe Civilized

Of Course it is.  A mere 15-20 miles from the state Capital  Carson City, Nevada the Tahoe area has all the amenities.  We haven't used the Pony Express in over 100 years!  We have been on the Federal maps sinc 1862.  Seriously, you will find supermarkets, hospital facilities, paved roads, taxi cabs, bus service, senior centers, meals on wheels, pizza delivery and all that stuff you are used to back home.  Grocery prices are a little higher, but this is 6,000 to 8,000 feet above sea level.  Yes, there is a Walmart nearby in Carson city if you are cost-conscious. There are also amenities such as Home-Depot, Lowes, Sears, RadioShack, Best-Buy, Jiffy-Lube, etc. etc

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 Is Lake Tahoe a Nice Place to Live

Living in Lake Tahoe

Thinking of moving or relocating your business to Lake Tahoe? The area provides unsurpassed resources to provide for the ultimate living experience, creating one of the most business-friendly and people friendly locations anywhere. Some of the advantages include:

Business Friendly
Major magazines such as Money and Fortune have consistently rated Nevada as one of the most favorable states for business location.

Very Low Taxes
Taxes in Nevada are among the lowest in the nation and you will not pay any of the following state taxes: Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Franchise Tax on Income, Unitary Tax, Inventory Tax, Inheritance Estate Tax, Gift Tax, Admissions Tax, Chain Store Tax. Sales tax is 6.75%. Property tax rates are between $1.77 and $3.22 per $100 assessed valuation.

Douglas County is served by over 60 local, regional and national carriers. Air transportation is available via a number of carriers at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, and rail service is available via Amtrak, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific out of Reno.

An abundance and variety of suppliers and support services are available locally and within a 50-mile radius.

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How Can I find Out More.

Just Call me, Realtor Robert on my cell phone (775)220 6 220 and I will gladly shoot out a 20 page summary of the Lake Tahoe Community Profile

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Information plagarized from Western Title Company Inc Brochure and other Sources.
Robert Dickerson
Revised: 10/11/13.