About This Estimator The Spreadsheet below estimates payments, taxes, escrow costs and other closing costs for a variety of loan and property situations. It is useful for Buyers and Sellers.  It Includes 1st Trust Deed Only, 1st Trust Deed combined with 2nd Trust Deed, 80% Loan with 15%  2nd and 5% down, or 103% loans. For the Lowest Payments Use the 3/1 ARM Interest Only.  Current Real Estate Loan Rates are Displayed Here:

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How to Use this Estimator    This estimator is a Microsoft ExcelÒ Spreadsheet with limited calculational capability.  You can use it directly to estimate payments, required income to qualify for the loan, all the closing costs (if you are a buyer, or even if you are a seller), as well as balloon payments for short term second trust deed loans. You mlust enter information about the purchase price, interest rates, and some of the details of purchase.  Even if you do not know some of this information, the sheet can serve as a reminder to ask about the items, since they may actually be an expense.

If you have Microsoft ExcelÒ on your computer, You can export the Estimator to Excel on your computer by clicking on the "green x and pencil" Icon.  It will be easier to navigate the Estimator if you do this.

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