Value of Garages and Decks

Garages and Decks can be added to almost any home.  The cost/value of a garage can vary by a factor of about 2:1, depending upon storage, heating, interior finish, roofing, doors, etc.   It is nice to have garage parking to avoid scraping ice and snow in the winter.  The property value multiplier factor depends on how many garage spaces are added compared to the size of the residence.  The table below is based upon spaces per 1000 square feet of residences. 


Decks similarly can vary in cost by a factor of 2:1, assuming they are not covered. Whereas it might cost $150 per square foot to build residential area, a minimum deck can be built for about 1/10 that cost.  Installation costs can vary greatly too, depending upon terrain.  The values here assume flat terrain.  On Mountainous or steep hillside terrain the added value can be several-fold more significant because it is like adding yard space as well as deck.


Note: This information prepared by Robert Dickerson, and you must be advised that he is not a qualified Real Estate Appraiser.