Fall 2007 SFR Prices and Price Trends  Nevada South Tahoe

The chart below shows all Single Family Home Sales in the South Tahoe Nevada Side MLS since the Year 2001. This chart excludes condominiums.  It also excludes one very large $27.5million sale of a 3 parcel lakefront home, since it was 3 parcels, not one. Note that the upper range of sales has steadily increased in sales price through the years, and it continues to increase. Clearly, there is no real estate bust in the high end Tahoe real estate market.  Also shown on the chart is a black trend line which is a "least squares" best polynomial curve fit of all the data.  The trendline also shows a continuing sales price increase.  This speaks well for the benefits of investing in Tahoe real estate. As the "Baby Boomer" generation reaches retirement age, they are seeking the beauty of Tahoe, and the Extremely Tax Friendly Nevada environment.










The chart just below is a blow-up of the lower end of the chart above.  It shows the trendline more precisely, and it also shows that the sales of single family homes in the lower price region near $400k is also still increasing. Condominiums at Nevada South Tahoe are not faring as well as the Single Family Residences as shown at the link:  Condos2007        Return to Home Page

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